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How DUI charges can become felonies
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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious crime, no matter what the situation. However, what normally may be a misdemeanor can become a much more serious crime requiring the skills of a DUI criminal defense lawyer when the charge is elevated to a felony. When this happens, it is....


More than just a driver may be at fault in a commercial truck accident
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When a commercial vehicle of any kind is involved in a traffic accident, a different and more complicated set of circumstances kicks in for anyone who may be a victim. This is the case whether a commercial trucker is at fault, or a taxi, limo, bus, delivery van or a shuttle is part of the....


Strategies for fighting a traffic ticket
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Like it or not, many of us have been stopped and given a traffic ticket at some point in our driving lives. While it’s not the end of the world, a conviction can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines, and even more in increased insurance premiums. But rather than just roll over and accept guilt....